4Vet is the exciting rebirth of MacVet, the complete Veterinary Practice Management Software developed by Dr. Wayne Stewart over 16 years ago to run his surgery in Geelong. Over this time it has been installed in a variety of practice types all around Australia 4Vet is now PC and Macintosh compatible.
4Vet is available as a single user application, a client server application and also as a distributed database application. No matter what your needs, however big or small, 4Vet can meet them. The amazing thing is the price is the same - no matter which version you choose!

Single User Application

The single user application works just like any double clickable program on your computer. All the data is stored on your hard drive. This version is suitable for a single vet house call practice, a very small clinic or as part of a distributed system.

Client Server Application

The client server application consists of two programs; the Client and the Server. All data is stored on the server centrally and you use the client application to enter and modify data.
4Vet Server provides a rock solid foundation, many sites leave the 4Vet Server running for weeks or months without needing to quit the program or restart the computer. In fact the only reason you would need to do that would be to install an update. When an update is added to the program the only computer that needs chaning is the server, all the clients will get the updated program from the server!

Distributed Database

4Vet allows synchronisation between 4Vet applications. You might have one server with several clients for the main clinic. When you go out on a house call you can take a laptop with you, when you get back it atutomatically syncs to the main database.
One 4Vet user in South Australia has three clinics approximately 500 km apart. They use 4Vet Server at each clinic with multiple clients (all working at local area network speeds) and it automatically keeps all data from the clinics perfectly in sync. Prior to implementing the 4Vet Server system they relied on much slower communication over the internet.