7.1.2 Released

Version 7.1.2 (Robert Downey, Jr.)

Released 4 April 2011

New and Modified Features

Seiko Thermal Printer

This printer (SLP 440 & 450) is now supported as well as Dymo printers. I don't think these are quite as good but they are an alternative that people can use. To access this you need to go into the Print section in Clinic Defaults.

Note also that Label City now has Dymo compatible labels, so this may be a moot point.


A system has been added to allow you to easily send referral emails to vets. You can vets into the Referral table which is accessible from the Open button in the Appointment Diary toolbar.

The list of referral vets marked as active is then added to the appointment diary menu. (You will need to close and reopen the window in order to reload that menu.)

This system relies on the 4Vet email system. You must create an email template to handle the referrals.

If you name an email template "Referral: Vets Name" then this email template will be loaded. This allows you to have specific templates for different specialists.

Bug Fixes

  • Payment screen bug
  • Lucida Grande bug
  • Can only add breed if Administrator (this is sort of a new feature)
  • Consultation Template menu

Note there were others but I have forgotten them.